06 March 2010

New D&D Character

I'm working on a new D&D character for a new campaign starting to-morrow. It will be a 3.5 campaign so I pulled out my copy of the Complete Arcane for some inspiration. In the past some of my favorite characters have been wizards. I believe that will change once I play my new Warlock!

I've played a Warlock before. I didn't realize the full potential of the Warlock at the time and managed to get killed at 2nd level. This time will be different.

He's a human with the Magical Aptitude and Skill Focus: Use Magic Device feats. Str: 11, Dex: 12, Con: 13, Int: 15, Wis: 12, Cha: 18. His starting overall bonus in Use Magic Device is 13. In future levels I'll be concentrating on picking up the most important item creation feats so that I'll be ready at 12th level to create some awesome magic items, including many scrolls. If things work out well I'll have a greater spell-casting capability at 12th level than any of my wizards.

Since my occassional Sunday D&D game will be a small group the DM said we could each make two characters. I don't feel motivated to do so right now. I really want to focus on my Warlock. I thought about making a Dwarf Monk, but then I thought a Wizard/Cleric heading towards the Mystic Theurge prestige class would be cool... and would allow me to create all sorts of additional scrolls for my Warlock; but I decided not to be that cheesy.

Of course my Warlock will have a number of tricks up his sleeves, but I'll have to leave them secrets for now. Don't want to tip the DM off to my plans.

05 March 2010

Peter Parker, A Menace!

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with the world when an event in a comic book is reported in the news like it was a real event. While I don't want to listen to terrible news all day for the lighter stuff I'd prefer reports on good things happening around the world.... Peter Parker being fired is not one of those.

From what I can tell Parker, a photographer for the Mayor (once a photojournalist for the Daily Bugle) , doctored a photograph (supposedly for the so-called greater good) and was caught. He is quickly fired and now has trouble paying for his web fluid. It would have been more timely just to give him a pink slip like so many other people are getting these days.

So doctoring a photo gets Peter Parker fired... is he really the only person out there in the media creating false documents and stories? Not by a long-shot, he just doesn't have the powerful friends.

Is what he did unethical. Probably. Then again Spider-Man/Peter Parker is not an exemplar of an ethical life. He hides his identity and prowls the streets of New York and commits various crimes (trespassing, assault & battery, destruction of public property, and violation of local noise ordinances). Not only this, but he learned to profit from his own alter ego by selling photos of 'Spider-Man' to the Bugle for years; there is something not right about selling photos of some masked vigilante to your boss when you are that vigilante. He has even made a deal with the Devil in order to save his family.... maybe a noble reason, definitely selfish, guaranteed to land him in Hell.
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