Book Reviews

Here are a collection of book reviews from over the years. They cover a wide range of topics.

A Feast Unknown: by Philip José Farmer. [Science Fiction/Adventure] - [Third Sentence Review]
Apacheria: by Jake Page.

Blood on the Snow: by Graydon A. Tunstall. History of the Italian-Austrian front during World War One. [History]

The Crying of Lot 49: by Thomas Pynchon

The Divide: by William Overgard. [Alternate History] - [Third Sentence Review]
Dr. Seuss Goes to War: By Richard H. Minear, Dr. Seuss, and Art Spiegelman. Some of the awesome comics drawn by Dr. Seuss during World War Two. [History]

The Fourth Horseman: by Robert Koening. History of Germany terrorist attacks on the United States in the early years of World War One. [History]

Guns, Germs, and Steel: by Jared Diamond. A great book about human development. [Science]
GURPS Alternate Earths: by Kenneth Hite, Craig Neumeier, and Michael S. Schiffer. [RPG, Alternate History]

Harry Sullivan's War: by Ian Marter
Hostile Skies: by James J. Hudson. History of American aviation during the First World War. [History]
The Hussite Movement in Bohemia: by Josef Macek. History of the Hussite Movement during the early 15th century. [History]

King Leopold's Ghost: by Adam Hochschild. History of the terrible crimes committed by King Leopold in the Congo. [History]

The Maker of the Universes: by Philip José Farmer (fiction/fantasy). First book in Farmer's World of Tiers series. [Science-Fantasy] - [Third Sentence Review]

The Next 100 Years: by George Friedman. Predictions on geopolitics over the next century. [Geo-politics]
No Greater Ally: by Kenneth Koskodan. The history of Poland during the Second World War. [History]

Operation Albion: by Michael B. Barrett. Details on a Germany naval assault on Russia during the First World War. [History]
Our Oldest Enemy: by John J. Miller and Mark Molesky. History of the relations between America and France. [History]

Paris 1919: by Margaret MacMillan, Richard Holbrooke, and Casey Hampton. Details the behind the scenes of the peace talks after World War One. [History]
Patton's Photographs: by Kevin M. Hymel. A nice collections of photos taken by General Patton during the Second World War. [History]
Planet Hulk: by Greg Pak

Short Trips and Side Steps: edited by Stephen Cole & Jacqueline Rayner. An anthology of Doctor Who stories. [Science Fiction]

Tarzan at Earth's Core: by Edgar Rice Burroughs; [Third Sentence Thursday]
Tunnel Through Time: by Lester Del Rey
Warlords of Utopia: by Lance Parkin. A thousand worlds ruled by the Roman Empire battle a thousand worlds dominated by a victorious Nazi Germany! Part of the Faction Paradox series.
We Could Do Worse: an Alternate History anthology
The Wind Whales of Ishmael: by Philip José Farmer. A strange sequel to Moby Dick. [Science-Fantasy] - [Third Sentence Review]

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