24 May 2010

Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Beginning

Well, since City of Heroes is getting to be too much for my feeble old computer to run I had to find a new game to play. I've decided on Sims 2 for a couple of reasons. The primary one is that I can do other things while it is running, such as catching up on my reading or taking care of other odds-n-ends. Civilization takes all my attention and eats up entire weekends of time since it is so addictive.

So, I'm going to play Sims 2. While it fits my busy schedule it has no real end goal or scoring. A few years ago I ran a breeding experiment in Strangetown, but that's about it. Well, that's where the Legacy Challenge comes in.

For my Legacy Challenge I started with a student aged sim named Albert Fugg. I tried to make him as ugly as possible just to see what the 10th generation would look like. I picked three handicaps: Patriarchy (each generation must have a male heir), One Way Street (can't use elixir of life), and Storyteller (the first nine generations must have a book published). Below is a picture of poor old Albert.

Albert is in college right now. Once he graduates (or gets kicked out) I'll be moving him into his legacy lot.

Playing out nine full generations of Sims and having a baby of the 10th generation born is going to take some time. It might take me a couple years of real life time. I'll post updates when interesting things happen. Chances are I'll get bored of this after a few months.

Now, some of you might be thinking "Hey, isn't Sims 2 just a virtual doll house?" Well I wouldn't know. I played with action figures as a kid.

20 May 2010

Time to Make the Back-Ups

It's that time again. Over the last few days I've been backing up my files onto DVDs. If my hardrive were to get fragged in the near future I'll have back-ups of all my important files. A copy of the back-ups goes into my safe deposit box so something will survive if my entire home were destroyed.

While setting things up for the back-up I spent some time deleting old files and organizing things a bit better. A little extra organization never hurt.

If you haven't backed-up your own important files recently please consider doing so today. You never know when your computer will die on you.

10 May 2010

City of Heroes Sixth Year Anniversary

I've played City of Heroes on-again-off-again for the last six years. That means that right now my computer must be six-years old as well. With the new updates to the game it is becoming almost impossible for me to play.

The last time I played was for 2009's Halloween event. Right now all I can really do is log in, get the 6th anniversary badges for my characters and move them to a new Day Job location. Looks like I'll have to get a new computer by May 2011.

I've created numerous characters for City of Heroes over the last six years. My highest level hero is Underpants Lad (Finally 50th level after too much work). Below is a picture of him when he started his career in 2004 as the sidekick of Capt. Underpants (Underpants Lad is the little one):

There were some good times back in 'the day' with the game. The Thursday Night Avengers being one of them. These days my friends have moved on to other MMORPGS so I have to question if I'll even come back to COH if I do get a new computer next year.

How many people out there are stilling playing City of Heroes?

I guess I shouldn't worry about next year when I now have some time for computer games right now. I'm not a fan of first person shooter games. The few games I have include Civilization III, The Movies, and Sims 2. Perhaps it is time to play Sims 2 again. Maybe this time I'll start a legacy challenge to make the game a little more interesting.

02 May 2010

True Geek Radio

There is a new geek-related blog in town. True Geek Radio is a blog "about all things in the world of geek. Comics, games, movies, role-playing, television, computers and all sorts of fun and interesting stuff."

So far there are entries on MODOK from Marvel comics, Stan Lee's cameo appearances in various Marvel movies, and a review on the Star Wars novel Death Troopers. More is on the way as this new site takes off.

Be sure and visit it and leave some nice comments if you are so inclined.
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