07 January 2016

2016 Week 1 Update

As I re-purpose this blog and decide what new things to do with it I thought it might be of value to create a weekly post about my other activities online. Below are the posts to my other blogs for this week. Other Times is an alternate history blog and That Bygone Day is a journal of an imaginary person set 80 years ago reacting to the events of those days. I hope you find them of interest.

*January 1: Friday Flag - Seljuk Empire
*January 2: 2015 in Review

*January 4: January 4th, 1936
*January 7: Invasion of Ethiopia continues & the Supreme Court rules

I will also be going through some long-defunct blogs I had in the past and finding posts that are still relevant in current days. I'll start to post them during the year as I rewrite and clean them up a bit.

I should really get back to book reviews too. There are books that will be reviewed on my other sites, but ones that won't fit on either of them I'll try to review here as time allows.
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