25 July 2010

Roller Derby

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a roller derby double-header in Rochester. In the first match the home Rottenchesters battled the visiting Blue Collar Betties and defeated them 147 to 37.

Above is a very blurry photo of the excitement!

The second match-up was the local 5-H8-5s against the Ithaca Bluestockings. During the warm up prior to the game I could tell the Bluestockings would be trouble. They way they skated side-to-side and practiced their tactics, it seemed like they had a lot on the ball. Sure enough they beat the 5-H8-5s 134 to 68.

A penalty being called!

All and all a fun evening. The next roller derby in the Rochester area will be at the Dome Arena on 14 August 2010. The Roc Stars against the Queen City Roller Girls' Lake Effect Furies from Buffalo, NY. Check it out at the Roc City Roller Derby website.

Who knows; I might even figure out how to use my camera before the next bout!

03 July 2010

Legacy Challenge: College Years

It took some time but Albert Fugg has now graduated from college. It was a very successful experience for him. Not only did he met his future wife, Zoe, but midway through his junior year he reached his lifetime aspiration of maxing out all of his skills.

(photo of Zoe accepting Albert's engagement proposal)

On top of all of that he managed to keep a 4.0 GPA in all semesters and was brought into a secret society. With all of that, and the freetime he had, going to town and getting a job while trying to set the ground work for the Legacy Lot; life out of college will become very challenging.

Science is the family hobby, and the favored hobby of Albert. He also currently has 8 family friends.

Now that Albert has moved into the Legacy Lot he has gotten a job in the Paranormal career. He has also adopted a dog to create a family breed. The marriage to Zoe was quick and didn’t involve a wedding party or vacation.

Albert is also expecting his first child… just not with Zoe. Albert was abducted by aliens and was impregnated!

Next Goals:
• Develop the family breed
• Establish a family business
• Buy a vacation home
• Give birth to the second generation

Current Score: 6 (4%)

Legacy: 0.5Ghosts: 0Free Time: 1.5
Money: 1Business: 0Collections: 0
Friends: 2Family Breed: 0Master: 0
Impossible Wants: 1Seasons: 0Handicaps: 0 (3 potential)
Platinum Graves: 0Bon Voyage: 0Overflow: 0
Penalties: 0
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