Roleplaying Games

There is a growing list of posts related to roleplaying games in this blog. I've been gaming for many years now but I've always been willing to try new games.

New D&D Character: Notes on my new 3.5 D&D character
D&D Game Today: A quick update on what my Warlock character is up to.

Return to Gamma World: A brief pseudo-review of the new D&D Gamma World game by Wizards of the Coast
Mutant of the Week - Pementa: A mutant chili pepper for D&D Gamma World
Mutant of the Week - Wegg: A human mutant fused with a shopping cart?
Mutant of the Week - Zzzzzzzzzzzzz: A Nightmare-Entropic creature from another universe
Mutant of the Week - Fredbert: A Mind Coercer-Cryokinetic
Mutant of the Week - Boimp: A giant gelatinous ball!
Mutant of the Week - Xera: A shapechanging psychic
Mutant of the Week - Kitty: A mutant cat
Mutant of the Week - Barnabas: A photonic-saurian with purple scales and photons!

4th Edition Problem: Some of my thoughts on the 4th Edition of GURPS

Star Frontiers!: A brief mention of Star Frontiers and a related website of interest.

Hutts, and then some: A brief update related by my Star Wars RPG camapgin
 Star Wars Campaign Development & Stuff: Some thoughts on the direction my Star Wars RPG campaign is taking.
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