19 November 2009

NaNoWriMo Fail

Well I'm cutting my losses on this year's National Novel Writing Month. A couple reasons: Work has been very busy, I was under the weather for about ten days and had trouble focusing on writing, and even the Halloween event for City of Heroes ate up some of my time.

The big problem I was having was making a couple of my characters seem believable. I didn't like the way Kaiser Wilhelm II was coming across; it didn't really feel like a German emperor speaking. I need to do a lot more work to get this story in shape to actually be written.

So I'll be spending the rest of 2009 getting the draft of my first novel ready to be read by a number of proof readers and focus my energies there as well as developing my blogs and other online presences.

To-night is a meeting of the Rochester Writers Group that I'll have to attend. I missed the last one because I felt terrible.

I'll also try to post here a little more often....

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