01 April 2010

Taxation Without Representation

The new health care taxation bill passed in the House a while back. The thing is I didn't have a representative at the time. I don't mean that my Congressman was of an opposite view as me (well, he was) or that he didn't bother to show up for the vote. I didn't even have a representative who could have just taken the day off.

My congressman seems to have suffered from a strange bout of insanity. Now I know that most people in Washington DC seem insane but the guy from my district really lost his grip. He ended up resigning before the health care vote.

So far the Governor of New York has refused to call for a special election to fill this vacancy. He claims it would cost the counties too much money, a regular election is coming in November (seven months away), and he doesn't want to disenfranchise the military vote. There is also the fact that the seat would most likely go to someone who is not from his party (aha!).

The cost shouldn't be an issue. We need someone in Washington to watch out for our area's interests, we don't have that now. It's also strange with the State wasting tens of billions of dollars on all sorts of crap they can't spend some millions to have an election so the people will have a voice.

How is not even giving anyone a vote going to keep the military from becoming disenfranchised? These people are on the front lines fighting in a war for this country and their own state has decided that they should not have someone looking out for their interests in Washington.

It is time to demand that the Governor set things in motion so that we can have a special election and fill this vacancy. How many more taxes and laws affecting us will get passed while we have no representation in the 29th district?

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