09 June 2010

Hawaii Five-O

Bad news.

CBS has gone and re-imagined Hawaii Five-O.

The original series was cool. When it started Hawaii had been a State for less than a decade, not only did Five-O fight crime across the islands but they got involved in international espionage (usually against the Red Chinese and the nefarious Wo Fat), and just the way everything came together gave the show a great feel.

This re-set of the classic show is just going to become CSI: Honolulu. The new actors won't be able to capture the same spirit the original characters developed after over a decade on television.

I wouldn't be complaining as much if they just created a continuation of the original series. While James MacArthur is too old to play a retiring head of Five-O passing the torch to the new guy, he could have been brought in to play the Governor who reactivates Five-O after a decade or so of inactivity. A who new set of characters could have brought in to fill whatever demographic requirements the network had (funny how none of the main characters in the 're-imagined' series will be Hawai'ian...). Since Hawaii actually doesn't have 'State Police' (State of Hawaii Sheriff's Office, which is part of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, serves as law enforcement across the state) they could do what ever they want with Five-O.

Anyway, for future reference, re-imagining an old television show = Bad (ex. Battlestar Galactica), continuing an old television show = Good (ex. Doctor Who). I've head the 2009 version of the Prisoner called a reinterpretation... I'm afraid to find out how horrible that is.

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