27 August 2010

Gaming Withdrawal

For years I’ve had a Friday night table-top role-playing game to attend. For the last number of weeks I haven’t. I’m starting to suffer from withdrawal. The last five years of Friday gaming had been pretty cool.

For three of those years I ran a GURPS infinite worlds campaign. That has to be my favorite game to run since my Vampire: The Dark Ages campaign about a dozen years ago. After the GURPS game ran its course I ran Scion for nearly two years. Scion is a game where the players are the offspring of the deities of old in the modern world. The PCs just finished being demigods before becoming low-powered gods, however the game systems for the ultra-powered divine levels left much to be desired so we moved on from that.

We tried a few other games, the next most successful one our recent Marvel Superheroes campaign where I actually got to be a player. Despite my sucky power I managed to become possibly the most important character in the game.

Now I’m just taking some time off. Perhaps I’ll rebuild a group in the coming months. I’ve got a Tuesday game on a regular basis, but it has a short time slot and everyone has to work the next day so we never really bet to push it too much.

Tonight I’m just reading through some GURPS books as I watch some DVDs. I want to be ready for when Friday gaming starts back up for me.

Well, enough rambling about my problems. I’m just want to try to post to this blog everyday and tonight I’ve had old role-playing games on my mind. I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet browsing.

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