23 September 2010

Hutts, and then some

Worked a little late tonight. My gym was closed all day. I've got a million things to do but I spent my night preparing for next Tuesday's Star Wars role-playing campaign. I could have done something more constructive, but the game won't write itself and it needs to be done before Tuesday.

A storyline just ended in my game. The PCs are now on their way to Hutt Space (one of the players is playing a Hutt). I've had to determine the current status of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of Hutt territory, create numerous NPCs and work out some new game systems I hope will add something to the campaign. I've even sketched illustrations for three of the Hutt NPCs (perhaps I'll put them in a future post after I scan and color them).

Over the last several hours I've been exploring Wookieepedia and drawing up potential conflicts in the next phase of my Star Wars campaign. This weekend I'll be finishing some new maps and details of new star systems & species to locate into Hutt Space.

The PCs started out as Corporate Sector troubleshooters. They were involved in corporate espionage in the early days of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. They even ran a mission into New Republic territory against the New Republic. As things developed they had a growing distaste for their employers and moved out on their own.

On top of that was the Cult of Splendid Ap and the secrets of Centerpoint Station. This kept the team busy on their own. With a Hutt joining the party, and their growing distaste for the New Republic the PCs are now on their way to take the fight to the Vong in Hutt Space. We'll see how long they stay in that neighborhood; hopefully it will be some time as the only things left after would be the Centrality or the Imperial Remnant.

Anyway, I had some fun tonight creating a number of Hutt NPCs and designing some aliens and ships. This weekend I'll finish the designs and come up with the Vong and Hutt orders of battle. Should be more fun.

Now I just have to make sure the players have as much fun playing as I had designing......

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