06 September 2011

Car Shopping

One of these days I'd like to buy a car because I want to not because I need to. My current vehicle is on its last legs, but it has served me faithfully and with little trouble for nearly five and a half years.

However, since it has been paid off for a few months and the warranty expired everything is going wrong with it. Option one is to pay over $2,500 in repairs to get possibly another year out of it or to get a new vehicle. Looks like a new vehicle is going to win out.

Still in search & research mode but I've narrowed things down a bit. My natural paranoia and experiences should keep me from getting screwed over too bad.

Still, this added, unexpected expense is going to officially postpone my vacation for yet another year..... hopefully summer 2012 will be when I finally take it.... more realistically summer 2015.

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