31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone has had a great Halloween. Mine has been a bit on the slow side. Work has been a little busy so I ended up just staying home tonight. Watched a couple of movies, played some City of Heroes, and took care of a some odds'n'ends.

The first movie was The Night Strangler starring Darren McGavin. That and the Nightstalker (and the whole Kolchak tv series) are part of my usual October viewing.

For the second movie I went for something I haven't seen in a number of years, Love at First Bite. While it is difficult to claim any movie is the best ever made given the number of different genres and styles out there I believe it is safe to say that his one is easily the best movies starring both George Hamilton and Richard Benjamin.

As for City of Heroes; the annual Halloween celebration is ending soon. I got in some last minute trick-r-treating and did some missions to begin moving Underpants Lad back to hero after his brief career as a vigilante.

I think for next year I'll have to come up with an elaborate costume. That gives me 365 days to come up with something cool.

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