18 October 2010

Pittsford Library Book Sale

The Pittsford, NY Library is having a book sale at the end of this week. According to their website members of the Friends of the (Pittsford) Library can be admitted to the first day of the sale on Friday the 22nd of October at 5pm. Saturday and Sunday it will be open to everyone.

Between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday after being briefly closed the sale will open back up and people can fill up a bag of books for $3.

I've gone to a number of Friends of the Library sales in Brighton and they are cool. You have to go early to get the best books, but showing up for the $3 per bag of books is well worth it. My bag'0 books usually have some good titles in them, but everything else gets posted onto Bookmooch. Of course I was able to choose what went into the bag, but you're trying to quickly get the better books in your bag before one of the other patrons takes something that might interest you.

Should be fun.

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