21 December 2010

Mutant of the Week - Pementa

Here is a random mutant rolled up using the new D&D Gamma World game. I think I'm going to do some more of theses as a weekly series just to show some of the strange things you can get with the new Gamma World. Descriptions of the mutant powers can be found in the rule book.:


STR = 12 (+1)
DEX = 11 (0)
CON = 18 (+4)
INT = 13 (+1)
WIS = 16 (+3)
CHA = 5 (-3)

Hit Points: 30
Speed: 6

Fortitude Defense: 17
Reflex Defense: 12
Will Defense: 14
Armor Class: 12

+2 Bio Overcharge
Vulnerable to Fire
Fire Resistance
Fiery Aura
Lashing Creepers
Fiery Flare

Character Background
Pementa is a mutant chili pepper. It was born in southern North America a number of years ago.

Being both vulnerable and resistant to fire means that Pementa is in a state of constant pain. It made its way norht over the years hoping that the cooler climates would reduce its suffering.

Having a fire aura makes it difficult for Pementa to make friends. It now lives in the outskirts of the ruins of ancient Rah-Chez-Tur.

(Gamma World is owned by Wizards of the Coast, go to their website and poke around for more info)

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