01 February 2011

Mutant of the Week - Kitty

This weeks mutant is a Felinoid-Mind Coercer

STR: 10 (0)
DEX: 18 (+4)
CON: 15 (+2)
INT: 11 (0)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 16 (+3)

+2 Bio overcharge

Fortitude Save: 13
Reflex Save: 15
Will Save: 16
Armor Class: 15
+1 to Speed

Interaction +4, Stealth +4, Mechanics +4

Mutant Powers
Slasher’s Claws
Group Telepathy
Mental Push

Kitty is cute and loveable. She is basically a cat or rather large size who is very fluffy and cute. Her mental powers make her all the more irresistible. She uses this cuteness to get in close to her opponents and deals with them using her nasty claws.

Her claws are very dexterous and she has taken up a hobby of tinkering with junk and salvage. She usually keeps her mechanical skills a secret so that she can utilize them when others are not expecting it.

Her goals include safety and comfort. Of course given the nature of a post-apocalyptic world most of the survivors are looking for the same thing.

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