07 February 2011

Start of the 2011 Roc City Roller Derby season

The new Roc City Roller Derby season started this last Saturday at the Dome Arena. The place was packed, but not quite a sell-out. I’ve heard of the terrible attendance figures for the Amerks over the last year or so, averaging 2,800 (which from what I’ve heard on local sports shows is an inflated number). It’s a shame that the Roller Derby doesn’t get the coverage that other local sports do.

Looking over at the Democrat & Chronicle website there is no real coverage of the sport, only a brief mention of the season starting.

Anyway, on to the main event. The three home teams battled each other in a round-robin bout.

Part One:
Midtown Maulers v. 5-H8-5s 83 to 55.
There were a lot of penalties during this bout, most of them earned by the 5-H8-5s.

Part Two:
Rotten Chesters v. 5-H8-5s 61 to 20
With two bouts over the 5-H8-5s had a total of only 75 points, not enough to overtake the Maulers.

Part Three:
Rotten Chesters v. Midtown Maulers 59 to 35
I was expecting the Maulers to win this one but that was not to be. Not only did they lose this bout but in terms of overall score the Rottenchesters beat them out for the night by two points.

So the final score was:
Rotten Chesters 120
Midtown Maulers 118
5-H8-5s 75

I'll try to take better notes next time. This weekend I was very sleep deprived.

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