08 February 2011

Mutant of the Week - Barnabas

This weeks mutant is all gold…. Well form Legion of Gold anyway; presenting a Photonic-Saurian!

STR: 16 (+3)
DEX: 6 (-2)
CON: 12 (+1)
INT: 18 (+4)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 15 (+2)

+2 Dark overcharge

Fortitude Defense: 16
Reflex Defense: 16
Will Defense: 13
Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 24

Science +8, Nature +4

Laser Resistance
Glowing Blades
Sonic Resistance
Tyrannosaur Charge

Holy cats a giant purple glowing dinosaur! Barnabas appears as an overweight humanoid-T-Rex with small antennas. He can create glowing blades of purple energy to combat his foes.

Barnabas is gullible, enthusiastic, and dutiful. He is also willing to do anything to help a friend or anyone else in need. Unfortunately he makes friends too easily and can be taken advantage of.

Well that makes eight mutants of the week. Now comes the time when we start to pair them off, put them in a box, then shake it to make them fight.

#1 Pementa: A mutant chili pepper
#2 Wegg: A human mutant fused with a shopping cart!
#3 Zzzzzzzzzzzzz: A Nightmare-Entropic creature from another universe
#4 Fredbert: A Mind Coercer-Cryokinetic
#5 Boimp: A giant gelatinous ball!
#6 Xera: A shapechanging psychic
#7 Kitty: A mutant cat
#8 Our super dee-duper pal Barnabas

Leave a comment and let me know what match-ups you’d like to see first as next week brings the Mutant Arena!

1 comment:

  1. 1 - Wegg vs Boimp
    2 - Pementa vs Barnabas
    3 - Xera vs Kitty
    4 - Zzzzzzzzzzzz vs Fredbert



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