17 February 2011

Mutant Arena – Boimp v. Wegg

Now begins the Mutant Arena where I test the various mutants I've created over the last eight weeks. These mutants were all created using D&D Gamma World, a game by Wizards of the Coast.

In the ruins of Rah-Chez-Tur a pair of mutants meet to fight. Stalking each other through the rubble strewn streets of the ancient city each looks for an advantage. Of course the translucent Boimp has this advantage with natural camouflage and gets the drop on its opponent. An attack of paralytic goo inflicts 11 points of damage on Wegg and reveals the bouncing mass of gelatin. However the goo has slowed Wegg’s reflexes a bit.

Wegg activates his Lodestone Lure in an attempt to keep Wegg from escaping, but his magnetic waves miss their intended target. Shortly afterwards the mild paralysis Wegg was suffering fades.

Since the goo worked so well the first time Boimp attempts to use it again, however he misses his target. Now fully mobile and at full speed Wegg is a much more difficult target. Wegg pulls away, getting some distance from his enemy. His hyper-balance is of great aid to outrunning the bouncing ball of death.

Boimp throws his dream grenade at Wegg and knocks the mutant unconscious. As it moves in to make the kill Wegg’s artificial blood helps him regain consciousness. He then quickly charges Boimp using an axe and his maximum overdrive mutant power. His axe glances off Boimp inflicting 7 damage and disorienting his foe.

Due to his disorientation Boimp misses Wegg with its own attack. Wegg continues to swing his axe, hitting a second time and inflicting 9 damage.

Boimp’s unluck continues as he bounces off a partially collapsed wall and tries to goo Wegg. Wegg easily rolls out of the way and swings again, hitting with his trusty axe a third time. The 13 damage inflicted is enough to slice through a nerve cluster in Boimp and drops the mutant.

Wegg wins!

His reward is not only survival, but advancing in level!

So which two of the remaining six should do battle next week?

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