02 March 2011

Mutant Arena - Pementa vs. Barnabas

The first of eight mutants now battles the eighth. Which will be victorious in their struggle across the ruins of Rha-Chez-Tur? Will the photonic dinosaur eat the mutant chili pepper, or will the great lizard get a terminal case of heart burn? Let's find out!

Pementa and Barnabas both spot each other early on. The flames coming from the chili pepper are a dead giveaway and the dinosaur's purple scales are not the best camouflage. Both have found some high-tech gear; Pementa a dimensional shuntshield and Barnabas found a healing patch.

Barnabas reacts first. He begins to cautiously close the gap and hurls a glowing photonic blade at his opponent. The blade strikes activating the dimensional shuntsheild. Two points of damage penetrate the shield as it de-activates. Pementa is pushed back by the force of the blade.

Pementa responds by closing with the lizard and projecting fire at him - but misses.

Now Barnabas uses his Tyrannosaur charge and his battle axe. A solid blow hits his fiery opponent inflicting 11 points of damage and pushing it back.

Lashing tendrils project from Pementa towards its enemy. It scores a hit and inflicts 10 points of damage while slowing the big dinosaur. Both combatants have now taken some damage.

This does not last long however. While untangling himself from the tendrils Barnabas slaps his healing patch on his wound recovering to full strength as a result.

Pementa next unleashes a flame attack and closes to an adjacent space with its enemey. The main flame attack hits inflicting 14 points of damage while the fiery aura inflicts an additional 5! If not for the healing patch Barnabas would have been defeated. As things stand he is now bloodied.

Realizing being close with a mutant with any sort of energy aura is a recipe for defeat, Barnabas withdraws and launches his glowing blades. He hits inflicting 13 points of damage and pushes his opponent even further away. Pementa is now bloodied as well. The next hit scored should bring victory for the lucky combatant - and it is now Pementa's turn!

Still disoriented from the photonic blade Pementa's fire blast misses its target. Barnabas dives behind some debris and unleashes his final photonic blade. Pementa is torn to pieces as it takes 14 more points of damage.

Barnabas wins!!!

(There are four mutants left that still have to fight. What match-up do you want to see next?

#1 Zzzzzzzzzzzzz: A Nightmare-Entropic creature from another universe
#2 Fredbert: A Mind Coercer-Cryokinetic
#3 Xera: A shapechanging psychic
#4 Kitty: A mutant cat)

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